Acid Gases

Acid Gases are corrosive, gaseous compounds that form an acidic solution when dissolved in water and are a by-product of burning certain substances, although some occur naturally.

What is Acid Gas?

Acid Gases are a real and persistent concern, especially the oil and gas industries, and include Halogen Gases, Sulphur Oxides, Nitrogen Oxides and naturally occurring Acid Gases, such as Hydrogen Sulphide and Carbon Dioxide. Although these substances are often found in natural gas in varying concentrations, they can be damaging to both the pipes which contain them and the humans who work in their vicinity.

Acid Gas monitoring

There are strict regulations surrounding the concentrations of Acid Gases used in industrial settings such as power plants, cement kilns and waste incineration plants, and require the use of sophisticated technology to achieve compliance. In addition to their corrosive nature, Acid Gases can also cause serious health complications and creates untold damage to the environment, including acid rain and global warming.

ATi’s range of industry-leading Gas Detection solutions are designed to measure a wide variety of toxic and combustible gases in hazardous locations. Each of our fixed or portable detectors can be designed as stand-alone units or multipoint systems. Utilising ATi’s unique smart sensor technology, our gas detectors can go from Acid Gas monitoring to Oxygen measurement in less than a minute, sounding an alarm if they reach dangerous levels, ensuring continuous compliance.

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