Ammonia (NH3) is a natural, colourless, reactive gas with a strong odour used within cleaning chemicals, fertiliser, refrigerant gas, water purification, pharmaceuticals and manufacturing plastics and other chemicals.

What is Ammonia?

Ammonia is a reactive gas and when present in higher concentrations, it is hazardous to human health.  It occurs naturally throughout the environment in the air, soil and water and in plants, animals and humans. While it is lighter than air, ammonia can collect at ground-level until the aerosol cloud becomes diluted and begins to rise.

Upon release to the environment, ammonia gas is very quick to attach itself to moisture, including that found in eyes, mouth, throat, lungs and on his or her skin. Ammonia gas has a broad range of uses, including as a fertiliser, chemical treatments, manufacturing processes, acid neutraliser in the petroleum industry and in metal treatments.

Ammonia monitoring

It is essential to monitor Ammonia levels due to its toxicity that causes irritation and corrosive harm to warn of and quantify an Ammonia release. The gas monitors are usually placed near the loading racks and storage areas, at the vaporiser, injection section and other locations near the Ammonia fluid handling equipment, having significant leak probability. Since Ammonia is lighter than air, sensors are normally positioned in the breathing zone, four to six feet above grade, or above the potential leak sources.

ATi’s range of industry-leading Gas Detection solutions are designed to measure a wide variety of toxic and combustible gases in hazardous locations. Each of our fixed or portable detectors can be designed as stand-alone units or multipoint systems. Utilising ATi’s unique smart sensor technology, our gas detectors can go from Ammonia monitoring to Oxygen measurement in less than a minute, sounding an alarm if they reach dangerous levels.

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