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5 Reasons Why Water Monitoring Is So Important
Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Water is life. This is a common saying. But what does it really mean?

Well, for starters, we're made up of mostly water ourselves. We also need to consume water daily to survive.

But not just any water. The quality of water is a critical factor to take into account.

Water quality effects absolutely every aspect of your business. Here are 5 reasons why water monitoring matters so much for your success.

What is Water Quality?

First Things First.

A wide range of water quality parameters are measured when we measure water quality

As such, water quality refers to a variety of properties of water. These include the physical properties such as turbidity and temperature. It also includes the chemical properties like dissolved oxygen and pH levels. Algae and phytoplankton are examples of biological indicators of water parameter.

It's, therefore, helpful to take all of these into account when asking, 'which of the following is an indicator of good water quality?'

Why Water Quality Matters

This answer depends on your specific business or organization needs. We've laid down five key points that illustrate why water monitoring is important. Keep reading to find out more.

What's the Use?

The challenge when it comes to water quality is to try match the quality of water with the specific type of operation. The way a plant makes use of water in its facility determines the potential risk it may pose to the end product.

The great news is that water can be altered or adapted chemically or mechanically to meet the quality criteria required. If you can do this, you're guaranteed your business operations will improve.

Food & Beverage Industry

As the above point states, the end use of the water should guide the quality criteria.

This is especially true when its used as an ingredient. Low quality water can have serious effects on the consistency and flavor of a food or beverage product.

An example of this is that breweries are highly reliant on the availability and quality of clean water. The contamination of groundwater by fracking is a growing concern for some breweries.

Risks to Operations

Bad water quality can have serious effects on the operations of a business.

Many people don't know that low water quality can cause equipment damage. causing equipment damage. The pH, alkalinity, and dissolved oxygen content of low-quality water can seriously damage equipment.

Along with this, in the case that sediment clogs equipment, proper water flow is prevented and operational efficiency is negatively impacted.

Consistency is Key

It's well-known that consistency is critical to brand image. This is particularly true for 'taste-sensitive' industries. For them, maintaining a consistent flavor profile is challenging.

If multiple production facilities are involved, it becomes even more challenging. In order to achieve the same flavor profiles, the producer may have to add nutrients to the water. For example, if one facility has a low mineral content compared to another, the flavor profiles will differ significantly.

Ingredient Interaction

When low-quality water is used in certain food products, negative interaction effects can result.

Food items such as lunch meats and hot dogs require water in their processing and production. A specific quality of water is required to maintain a consistent flavor and texture of the food.

If the quality of water isn't up to scratch, off-colors and even bad smells can be produced.

Why is Water Monitoring Important?

After reading this article, it's clear that water has a far-reaching impact on many processes. It's used as both a utility medium for processing and an active ingredient in many food products. In addition, ecosystems are significantly affected when water quality is disturbed.

This means that it takes on a crucial role throughout various industries.

It's obvious then that water monitoring is an essential part of maintaining a successful business. For more information about water monitoring and quality parameter, please contact us.

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