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Smell Gas? How to Prepare a Gas Leak Response Procedure
Monday, July 22, 2019

If you smell gas in your office, what you do next is crucial since you might have a gas leak. You'll want to have a company plan that everyone is aware of. This way you're all on the same page for the next essential steps.

Keep reading to learn what you should do when you smell gas.

Signs Of A Gas Leak

There are some cases where you might notice the actual gas leak before you even notice the smell.

This could come in the form of a warning sign near your property that says not to dig. Unfortunately, residents will dig anyway not realizing that they can be piercing gas lines.

If you are exposed to a gas leak, another sign could be that plants on the outside that used to be thriving are now starting to die. These plants and grass might look brown. If this is the case, you'll want to call a professional to see if you have a gas leak.

What To Do If You Smell Gas

If you smell gas and a burner was accidentally left in the "on" position, there are a few things you can do next. First, you'll want to turn off your burner right away. If there are any flames lit, extinguish them right away.

You'll want to then turn on the range hood fan so it's on the highest setting. Make sure you do not ignite any flame in the space including candles or cigarettes. You also don't want to turn on any appliances like more switches.

Next, open up all the windows to let the air out, if possible you'll want to get everyone out of the space while you're airing it out.

If you live on the west coast or any area prone to earthquakes, you need to be extra careful of gas leaks, Make sure you call your local gas company or check their website for advice on how to deal with this situation.

If you have been exposed to the gas for a long amount of time, call 9-1-1. Gas can replace the oxygen in the air making it harder for you to breath and making you ingest toxic fumes.

How To Stay Safe From Gas Danger

In addition to knowing what to do if you smell gas, there are also a couple of safety and health tips you might want to take when it comes to your combustion appliances.

You'll want to check all of your oil, gas and propane appliances which are also known as combustion appliances. These appliances could include your oven, the furnace, water heater, stove or range, and a gas or propane fireplace.

You will also want to install and carbon monoxide detectors near any combustion appliances. Make sure you have the appropriate type of fire extinguisher and be sure you check it every first of January to make sure it's pressurized.

It's important to have the gas company's emergency number not only stored on your phone, but also in a place your company can see. Any paper-like packaging materials, newspaper, household wood products or anything that can catch fire easily should be moved or disposed of, so it's not near any of these appliances.

Make Your Plan Today

Now that you have the tools, make a plan. Share that plan with your company so everyone is on the same page about what to do if they smell gas. For more gas resources, check out our blog.

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