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5 Major Benefits of Ozone Filtration for Water
Wednesday, August 7, 2019

There are many ways to purify water and remove toxins and pollutants, but ozonation has many benefits beyond simple purification. It’s beginning to take the world by storm as people understand how ozonated water and impact their lives.

Ozone filtration is the method of injecting ozone into the water for residential and commercial water filtration. An ozone generator charges oxygen to create the ozone, which is an oxidizer. Once in the water, it attacks and neutralizes the contaminants and then reverts back to oxygen.

The water is now clean and free of any ozone. Check out five ways ozonated water can benefit you and your life.

1. Removes Pollutants from Water

The primary reason for ozonation is to remove contaminants and pollutants from water. It can remove hydrogen sulfide, manganese, iron and bacteria, and viruses from the water. It cannot remove every pollutant, so many times it’s used along with another type of filtration.

It’s better than chlorine in removing bacteria and viruses. It causes manganese, iron, and sulfur to become insoluble and this easy to remove. Ozone is unstable and this breaks down into plain oxygen after a few minutes or several hours depending on the water temperature and acidity.

2. Ozone Filtration May Help With Inflammation

Water is a fundamental necessity for life. Its primary need is hydration, but when injected with ozone it may also help with inflammation. A study in rats showed improvement in inflammation and studies continue to see if there are benefits to people.

Ozone helped activate the body’s antioxidants and reduce the factors that caused the inflammation.

3. Keeps You Safe from Foodborne Illnesses

The news is constantly filled with reports of E.coli outbreaks and other foodborne illnesses caused by produce and other healthy foods. Thousands of pounds of produce are recalled every year, but ozone could reduce that.

The bacteria and viruses contained in the produce are what makes people sick. Studies have shown washing produce in ozonated water can reduce these bacteria including salmonella.

Everyone should wash produce prior to eating it even if the food seems edible at first glance. If your home uses ozone filtration, then it can improve the chances of the bacteria being removed prior to eating.

4. Viable Alternative to Chlorination

Have you ever been in a pool and had your eyes sting? This is likely from the chlorination used to remove pollutants from the water. There are many disadvantages to chlorine filtration including those used to filter drinking water.

There may be a connection to chlorine consumption and cancer, so it’s best to limit exposure. Ozonation can replace chlorine and it’s more effective in many respects.

5. Environmentally Friendly Method of Filtration

The problem with many types of filtration is the process eliminates pollutants but adds other chemicals. For example, many types of filtration add salt to the water, which makes it taste bad and can be a problem for people on low salt diets.

Since the ozone isn’t stable, it removes itself from the water naturally and leaves only oxygen behind. This is friendlier to the environment as no chemicals are left behind in the water.

Ozonation is a Preferred Method of Filtration

Ozone filtration has many benefits outside of water purification. It can remove impurities quickly and leaves no trace. It’s the perfect method for residential and commercial filtration as well as in pools.

If you want to learn more about ozonated water, please explore our site.

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