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In The Aftermath: 5 Gas Leak Symptoms You Cannot Afford.
Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Natural gas is a powerful source of energy, capable of giving heat and power to homes at low costs. It does have a dangerous drawback that you must be aware of.

Gas leaks can range from the hazardous to the fatal, and understanding the gas leak symptoms can save your life and home. How can you spot them and what do you do?

Today we'll go over 5 of the most common gas leak symptoms, what to do when faced with them, and how to get the right monitors for your home.

1. Visible Damage to the Gas Line

One of the most obvious gas leak symptoms is damage to the gas line itself. When you have a gas line that is easy to check in on, finding any kind of damage can be a sure sign to shut off the gas and fix it as soon as possible.

If you can't see your gas lines, this symptom can be easy to not catch. This is why you need to have good gas leak monitors in your home.

2. Rancid Smells in the Area

The well-known gas leak symptom is the rancid smell of carbon monoxide. The smell is often described as being similar to rotten eggs. The stronger the smell, the more intense of a gas leak.

Carbon monoxide is toxic and it can cause some horrible damage to your body. Even with the minor smell of carbon monoxide, you could be in danger and should evacuate your home immediately and call your gas company.

3. Hissing and Whistling Sounds

With a dire leak, you may hear the rush of the gas leak itself. This is often an intense hissing or whistling sound.

Often this symptom happens alongside the rancid smell associated with carbon monoxide. Together they make for the most fatal combination and should tell you to leave the premises.

4. Higher Bills

Not all gas leaks are dire sources of immediate danger. While a gas leak is never a good thing, it can be in small amounts and thus can be subtle.

Symptoms such as more frequent lightheadedness or blurred vision, to a wilting in your house plants.

As well, if your gas bills start to spike without an obvious use, you might have a leak. This will be even more subtle if the leak isn't in your house and affecting you, though that does remove parts of the danger.

5. Bubbles in Your Water

One uncommon, and thus frequently missed, symptom is bubbling water. This will often tell you that there may be a gas leak that has gotten into your water main.

It will be small gas bubbles in the water, not bubbling from boiling. They can be hard to detect, and depending on the level of the leak, can range from dangerous to mild.

Preventing Gas Leak Symptoms

Gas leaks are a serious matter. A simple understanding of gas leak symptoms and good gas monitors on your side can make you ready for any gas leaks that come your way.

Ready to defend yourself from Carbon Monoxide? We here at Analytical Technology, Inc. have a wide range of gas monitors and tips on installation and care. Contact us today for more information.

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