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What Are the Health Risks of Drinking Soft Water?
Monday, April 26, 2021

The United States has one of the safest drinking water systems in the entire world. That being said, the mineral content of your water can influence its effect on your overall health and well-being.

Soft and hard water are two important categorizations of drinking water. Both have their unique benefits and disadvantages towards your health and daily tasks such as laundry or cleaning.

Read on to learn what the effects of soft water are on your health and in your daily life.

What Is Soft Water and Hard Water?

If your water has a high mineral content it is known as hard water. The two primary minerals that make up hard water are calcium and magnesium. Other minerals may make up hard water as well

If your water lacks these minerals and instead has higher alkalinity (salt content) it is known as soft water.

Soft Water vs Hard Water

Soft water is preferable for industrial applications as the minerals don't clog equipment or fine filters when used over a long time span. It is also a better cleaning water because it doesn't leave spots.

Soft water is less desirable for human consumption, however. Hard water provides an added boost of minerals to those who drink it often enough.

If you only drink soft water over a long time you may develop a mineral deficiency. You can remedy this by taking a multivitamin.

Soft water also has a high salt content. Sodium in water can be dangerous for those with high blood pressure that drink it often. This is one of the most important dangers of soft water.

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