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Upcoming Events
Texas Water 2017 Austin Convention Center
April 10-13, 2017
The Austin Convention Center Exhibits Hall invites you to learn about new tools and technology that solve problems -- some you know you have and some you may not have discovered yet. Don't forget to stop by and see the competitions, or sign up if you dare!
After learning and networking, join the Wednesday's Conference Night-Out at the Mexican American Cultural Center. We look forward to seeing you in Austin for Texas Water 2017.

What: Texas Water 2017
Where: Austin Convention Center - Austin, TX
When:  April 10-13, 2017 

Water for People helps people in developing countries improve quality of life by supporting the development of locally sustainable drinking water resources, sanitation facilities, and hygiene education programs. The vision is, "A world where all people have access to safe drinking water and sanitation, a world where no one suffers or dies from a water -- or sanitation -- related disease." 

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