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Introducing The MetriNet Multi-Parameter Water Quality Monitor
ATI does it again. Introducing the MN Metrinet multi-parameter monitoring system.
Monday, July 10, 2017

ATI does it again. Introducing the MN Metrinet multi-parameter monitoring system. 

The Q52 Metrinet water quality monitor is the latest in ATI’s remote water monitoring systems. It is a modular, low-power, remote water monitor for use in a variety of applications. It excels in monitoring drinking water quality as well as greenhouse water systems and other applications where periodic or continual monitoring is required.

The Q52 can be outfitted with up to eight sensors that can be configured to measure:

  • Chlorine (Free and Combined)
  • Chlorine Dioxide
  • Turbidity
  • PH
  • Conductivity
  • ORP (Oxygen Reduction Potential)
  • Dissolved Oxygen
  • Fluoride
  • Peracetic Acid
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
The sensors can be configured for continuous water monitoring or selected interval sampling. By using cyclic sampling, water consumption can be as low as 5 gallons per day. The Q52 can be used in remote locations and send an automated communication using five methods to provide data to monitoring analysis stations:
  • Ethernet/IP connectivity
  • Wi-Fi
  • Wired Modbus
  • Profibus DP
  • Cloud-Based Storage
Data can be stored locally in CSV format for easy importation into SPC (Statistical Process Control) software applications or spreadsheets. As mentioned above sample rates are customizable allowing for reduced power usage while providing as much data as is required to meet your needs.
There is an internal Micro-SD card that provides backup storage if communications are interrupted. The system can be programmed by the user for data to be written to storage in intervals between 1 and 60 minutes to further protect against data loss.
The low power consumption of this device makes it ideal for remote locations. It can be powered by traditional AC power, 12-24 VDC power, and battery power. Whichever power method is selected will not impact the reliability of the Q52.
Each Q52 also has a GPS module that allows precision management of the locations that are reporting. When monitors are moved to another location, their new location is automatically reported to maintain the accuracy of where the monitors are and what they are monitoring.
For full details on this exciting new product visit ATI today.

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