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Q45CT Toroidal Conductivity Transmitter

Our Toroidal Conductivity Transmitters

work best with these applications:


Cooling Towers

Acid & Base Dilution

Brine Systems

Plating Baths

Salt Water Aquariums

Chemical Processing

Streams & Rivers

Salt Water Intrusion



ATI’s Toroidal Conductivity Transmitter is designed for on-line water quality monitoring of chemically aggressive process solutions. This sensor consists of two metallic ribbon coils that are fixed in place by the sensor jacket material. The drive coil is used to induce a current in the process solution. The second sensing coil is used to measure the current in the process solution, the magnitude of this current is proportional to the conductivity of the process solution.

The Q45CT is also available as a Concentration Monitor. The conductivity monitor comes with concentration/temperature tables for sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, and sulfuric acid. A user configurable table is also available for entering data points for a custom concentration curve.

This system is well suited for aggressive chemical processes, water application that coat or foul traditional sensors, and plating bath operations where high current densities are present.