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Q45/85 Peracetic Acid Transmitter

Our Peracetic Acid Transmitters
work best with these applications:

Egg Washing Systems
Ground Water Decontamination
Oil & Gas Recovery Systems
Wastewater Treatment
Bleaching Systems
Cooling Towers Cleaning
Peracetic Acid (PAA) is an extremely strong oxidizer that is widely used in the food industry for disinfection of piping systems and processing equipment. It is also used for spray washing of food products, and for disinfection of cooling water systems. As a disinfecting agent, PAA is often preferred because it produces no harmful breakdown products.
As with any disinfection system, maintaining proper residual values is the key to effective pathogen control. To facilitate reliable chemical feed control, ATI has developed an on-line water quality monitor capable of providing real time measurement of low levels of PAA in solution. The Q45H/85 Peracetic Acid Transmitter uses a direct sensing polarographic probe mounted in a flowcell to measure PAA residuals in a flowing water stream. A permeable diffusion membrane isolates the sensing electrodes from the measured sample, providing long-term stability without electrode fouling problems. The measurement is selective for PAA, and is not affected by changes in hydrogen peroxide in solution.

PLEASE NOTE: This series does not include a Battery-Operated version. For Portable Monitoring please view our PQ45 Portable Monitor & Data-Logger System