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  • Q46H/62-63 Residual Chlorine Monitor
  • ATI's Chlorine Monitor is an upgraded version of our proven Q45H system for continuous water quality monitoring of free or combined chlorine.The Q46H system uses a polarographic membraned sensor to measure chlorine directly, without the need for chemical reagents.

  • A22 ChlorLog
  • The A22 ChlorLog is a portable residual chlorine monitor with built in data logger. This unit is designed for temporary monitoring of residual chlorine in water distribution systems. The ChlorLog is available for Free Chlorine, Combined Chlorine, and Total Chlorine.

  • Q46H/79S Total Chlorine Air Stripping Unit
  • The Q46H/79S Total Chlorine Monitor employs ATI’s Auto-Chem chemistry module to provide chemical treatment of the sample, air stripping of the released iodine, gas sample conditioning, and iodine gas measurement. This system is ideal for compliance monitoring on wastewater effluent.

  • Q46H/79PR Total Chlorine Monitor
  • ATI's Model Q46H/79PR Total Chlorine Measurement System is a highly versatile on-line monitoring system designed for the continuous measurement of total chlorine in solution. This system is ideal for monitoring total chlorine in disinfectant contact chambers.

  • Q45H/62-63 Residual Chlorine Transmitter
  • ATI’s Residual Chlorine Transmitter is a designed for on-line water quality monitoring and control of chlorination systems. The transmitter can be configured for loop-power or battery-power.

  • B20 Residual Chlorine Recorder
  • Series B20 chlorine recorders use the same reliable chlorine sensor supplied for years as part of our Series A15 monitoring systems. Sensors are available for free chlorine measurements or for combined chlorine monitoring where chloramine treatment is in use.