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Archived (Water Products)
  • Q45N Dissolved Ammonia Monitor
  • The Q45N Dissolved Ammonia Monitor uses reaction chemistry that converts ammonia in solution to a stable monochloramine compound equivalent in concentration to the original ammonia level. The chloramine concentration is then measured with a unique amperometric sensor that responds linearly to chloramines while eliminating interference from excess free chlorine in solution.

  • A15/79 Total Chlorine Monitor
  • A15/79 Total Chlorine Monitor uses the standard iodometric method for the determination of total chlorine in highly contaminated samples. A unique sensing technique is used to determine total chlorine concentration, while minimizing system maintenance requirements.

  • A15/66 Residual Sulfite Monitor
  • ATI’s Model A15/66 Sulfite Ion Monitor provides the solution to dechlorination control. The system allows continuous measurement of sulfite residuals over ranges of either 0-2 or 0-20 PPM.

  • A15/82 Fluoride Monitor
  • ATI’s Model A15/82 Fluoride Monitor provides continuous measurement of free fluoride concentration in potable water. The system employs a fluoride sensitive ion selective electrode (ISE), which provides reliable measurements down to 0.1 PPM and as high as 1000 PPM.

  • A15/76 Turbidity Monitor
  • ATI’s Model A15/76 Turbidity Monitor is designed to meet the needs of both municipal drinking water systems and industrial water treatment for reliable, low-range turbidity measurement.

  • A15/81 Dissolved Sulfide Monitor
  • ATI’s Model A15/81 Dissolved Sulfide Monitor provides an improved method for measuring sulfides in solution. Rather than using an SIE sensor, the A15/81 employs a polarographic hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas sensor that is isolated from the sample.