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O&M Manuals for Gas Monitors

O&M Manuals for Water Quality Monitors


    CHLORINE DIOXIDE Monitors > Q45H/65 Chlorine Dioxide Transmitter
      Our Chlorine Dioxide Transmitterswork best with these applications: Potable Water Treatment Poultry Processing Cooling Towers Food Wash Water Wastewater Treatment Paper Mills   ATI’s Chlorine Dioxide Transmitter is designed for on-line water quality monitoring and control of industrial disinfection systems.

    HYDROGEN PEROXIDE Monitors > Q45/84 Hydrogen Peroxide Transmitter
      @import url( Our Hydrogen Peroxide Transmitters work best with these applications: Food Wash Water Free Chlorine Removal Cooling Towers Odor Scrubbers Iron Oxidation Systems Bleaching Systems Potable Water Treatment   ATI’s Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) Transmitter is an extremely strong oxidizer which is widely used in bleaching applications in the paper industry and is sometimes added to water systems for the purpose of disinfection.

    UV254 Monitor > Q46UV Monitor
        The Simple Solution to Peroxide Control! Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is an extremely strong oxidizer widely used in bleaching applications in the paper industry.