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O&M Manuals for Gas Monitors

O&M Manuals for Water Quality Monitors


    OXYGEN Monitors > Q45D Dissolved Oxygen Transmitter
      Our Dissolved Oxygen Transmitters work best with these applications: Aeration Systems Wastewater Effluent Water Distribution Fish Farming Rivers & Streams   Dissolved Oxygen Monitoring applications requiring a simple 2-wire transmitter or battery-operated instrument are easily satisfied using ATI’s model Q45D transmitter.  Adaptable to either Optical or Galvanic D.O.

    Gas Monitors > F12 Toxic Gas Detectors
      Toxic Gas Detector Description ATI's F12iS Toxic Gas Detector is designed to measure toxic gases and oxygen in hazardous locations requiring an Intrinsically Safe (IS) device.

    UV254 Monitor > Q46UV Monitor
        The Simple Solution to Peroxide Control! Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is an extremely strong oxidizer widely used in bleaching applications in the paper industry.

    WATER QUALITY PANELS > Q45WQ Water Quality Panel
      ATI's Model Q45WQ Water Quality Panel is a flexible system designed for continuous, on-line monitoring of multiple parameters in municipal water distribution systems and potable water treatment facilities.

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