ATi donate smart WQ systems to Nightingale Hospitals

Cutting-edge, ATi smart water quality systems have been donated to UK Nightingale Hospitals fighting COVID-19, helping to ensure the highest quality water to the emergency healthcare facilities.

ATi are playing a vital role in the safe running of these new, emergency sites by helping to ensure clean, reliable and safe water for critically ill coronavirus patients.  The industry’s only portable, bespoke, water treatment control and policing system, SiteBox, has been delivered and installed, free of charge, into healthcare facilities in locations such as Bristol and Manchester, with other installations in the pipeline across the UK and Spain, to provide a higher level of water quality assurance during the pandemic, exceeding all compliance levels. 

The first SiteBox was donated to Bristol’s Nightingale Hospital, within days of initial planning meetings, following concerns over the converted university building housing no onsite water storage.  By working closely with Bristol Water, ATi were able to offer an innovative early warning solution with the use of a SiteBox, to help protect the hospital in the unlikely event that the water supply was lost. The second system, which also incorporated a MetriNet smart water quality monitoring solution, was installed at the Manchester Nightingale Hospital, working closely with United Utilities.

ATi SiteBox portable water quality control system

Delivery to start up in minutes

This was closely followed by SiteBox and MetriNet installations at Manchester’s Nightingale clinical facility to safeguard the water security, for additional reassurance and compliance of the water supply.  The systems were all installed onto the inlet and were generating live data in as little as 20 minutes, allowing the forward-thinking water companies to monitor, alarm and prevent events that could affect the water quality supply, minimising any disruption.

Nightingale Manchester MetriNet installation

The live data is then transferred to a cloud-based platform, with water quality teams able to analyse the data in real-time, with alerts to any incidents.  SiteBox is configured to alarm in the event of any water quality incidents, loss of supply or threats to compliance or security. The versatile ‘lift and shift’ systems were originally designed as event management tools, but the capabilities have now widened to emergency water quality management.

Bespoke, yet off the shelf

Each SiteBox was tailored to the customers’ needs, factory tested and installed within a week, allowing the water companies to lead the way with a more proactive, rather than reactive, approach.

SiteBox systems can be held by utilities for emergencies, capable of being deployed and working quickly, offering resilience of supply and mitigating against potential public health claims.   This enables water companies to measure water quality immediately online, record real-time data for regulatory requirements, all whilst fixing the problem, saving the need for boil notices and customer compensation.

The modular nature enables users to tailor a bespoke monitoring system that fits individual site requirements, capable of measuring up to 20 different parameters. SiteBox can be used on its own as the input to a control system, or alternatively as an independent monitoring system that polices existing water quality monitors.

Versatile, future-proof technology

Its flexibility means that SiteBox can be used anywhere that water quality measurement and control is needed, from drinking water treatment and process water in the food industry, to large-scale event management and holiday parks.

Demonstrating its versatility, SiteBox can be used to extract deeper insights on pipeline networks to enhance operational efficiencies; assist in the cleaning and refurbishing of service reservoirs; is utilised by the world’s largest provider of water systems for global events; and is also set be used at the next Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2021. 

Garry Tabor, ATi UK Executive Director, said: “ATi UK is proud to be working with our utilities partners to support the NHS Nightingale Hospitals during the current pandemic. We are a values based company and are passionate about supporting communities in any way we can.”

“SiteBox will ensure that these water companies are going above and beyond the usual guidelines to safeguard water quality for staff and patients during this difficult time. By continually measuring any of the 16 available parameters, the Nightingale Hospitals will have some of the best characterised and protected installations in the country and we are extremely proud to be part of these collaborations.”

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