Badger Meter, ATi, s::can & Coftec announce partnership

Badger Meter and Coftec are pleased to announce the signature of a new partnership, bringing together leading technologies and solutions in smart water quality, flow measurement and control from ATi, s::can GmbH and Badger Meter.

From 17th February 2022, Coftec will be the appointed distribution agent for the range of products within Badger Meter’s group of companies for the Republic of Ireland’s municipal, industrial and wastewater markets. In addition to the s::can product range already available, the extended range of Badger Meter and ATi products will now form part of this agreement with Coftec, offering a range of pioneering, proactive and sustainable solutions to safeguard, manage and control water quality.

The deployment of smart water is the fastest growing component within the global water sector and the collaboration of industry-leading technology is bringing new possibilities for managing water utilities more efficiently and resiliently. 

As this emphasis continues to rise, water professionals are becoming more focused on finding the right, tailored solutions to improve water quality management, and this new partnership will enable the water industry to proactively safeguarde water quality and create intelligent, optimised, smarter water through the latest, leading technologies.

Garry Tabor, Badger Meter Director of Smart Water Solutions, commented:

“Badger Meter, ATi and s::scan are passionate about pioneering the development and deployment of industry-leading, accurate and reliable electrochemical and optical sensing instruments, providing online, inline and reagent-free solutions to enable distributed and real-time water quality monitoring.

“As leading technology providers, establishing the right partnership with shared values for providing customer focused and tailored end-to-end solutions to meet clients’ needs and expectations is vital. Badger Meter, ATi, s::can and Coftec all share the same values and strategy for providing customer focused and tailored end-to-end solutions to meet clients’ needs and expectations. 

By working together, sharing the same business ethics, continuously developing technical knowledge and product range, adapting to shifts in market demands, and working closely with end-users to identify their needs, we believe this partnership will deliver unrivalled class-leading solutions and customer support.”

Darragh Hobbs, Innovation Manager at Coftec stated:

“We are confident that our partnership with the Badger Meter group of companies will provide our customers with outstanding quality and exceptional customer service, by consistently providing innovative water and wastewater solutions through an extensive product range and local stock for quicker deliveries presence to deliver end-to-end solutions.

“Badger Meter and Coftec will now co-operate to leverage each other’s strengths to supply and support clean and wastewater quantity and quality smart water solutions for the Irish municipal and industrial water and wastewater markets going forward.”

About Badger Meter

With more than a century of water technology innovation, Badger Meter is a global provider of industry-leading water solutions, encompassing flow measurement, quality and other system parameters. These offerings provide customers with essential data and analytics to optimise operations and contribute to the sustainable use and protection of the world’s most precious resource. 

Our smart water portfolio includes real-time water quality monitoring solutions, with a combination of optical and electrochemical sensing instruments, through the combined offerings of Badger Meter’s ATi and s::can companies, providing online, inline and reagent-free solutions to enable distributed and real-time water quality monitoring.

Our end-to-end smart water solutions provide actionable data and analytics from a connected network of instruments, sensors and devices, empowering users to resourcefully use and conserve water.

About Coftec

Coftec is a leading provider of water and wastewater treatment solutions for the Irish market. We leverage extensive in-house design, build, and operate expertise and access to a portfolio of state-of-the-art water quality monitoring and purification technologies to deliver novel turn-key solutions, which solve our customer’s water and wastewater issues. Coftec is part of Coffey, a civil, environmental, and building contracting group of companies offering over 47-years of deep industry experience across every major construction section in Ireland and the UK.

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