Future-proofing water quality with Source to Tap solutions.

Discover how ATi’s trusted water quality expertise and solutions span every part of the water cycle from Source to Tap, empowering customers worldwide to safeguard water quality, meet regulatory compliance, build resilience, conserve water, reduce risk to human health and the environment, creating a future of intelligent, optimised, smart water networks.

The entire water industry has been entrusted with the responsibility of supplying vital water services to communities, safeguarding water at all points on its journey, and we are proud to lead the way in protecting the world’s most precious resource.  As custodians of this journey, ATi are trusted globally, delivering monitoring solutions for a vast array of different parameters; from the more fundamental parameters of chlorine, turbidity, pH, dissolved oxygen and conductivity, through to more bespoke measurements of nitrite, UV254, sulphites, peracetic acid, sludge blanket and filter backwash monitoring. 

ATi are one of the few companies able to provide an intelligent and sustainable Source to Tap journey, helping customers with water accessibility, environmental sustainability, resilience and return on investment (ROI), developing innovative solutions to improve water quality, extracting deeper insights on pipeline networks and enhancing operational efficiencies. 

Managing water quality from Source to Tap is the core responsibility of the water industry, with public health and regulatory compliance of paramount concern to proactively safeguard water quality for customer use.  Due to the strict standards set by the DWI, the quality of the UK’s drinking water is now among the best in the world, but the water industry has a responsibility to deliver this same standard of water to communities across the globe


ATi strongly believes that the entire water sector has been entrusted with the responsibility of supplying vital water and wastewater services to communities, safeguarding water at all points on its journey from Source to Tap.  In addition to delivering water that is consistently safe for drinking and of high quality, we also need to manage complex interactions between chemistry and energy consumption and continually develop innovative new solutions, with increased pressure from government regulators and stakeholders to manage these systems efficiently, effectively and in a transparent manner. 

Recent advances in digital technologies are now enabling better knowledge, system hygiene, more efficient monitoring, diagnostics and more targeted investments, along with intelligent system management.

Source to Tap Water Quality Solutions

ATi can provide an intelligent and sustainable Source to Tap journey, ensuring the guardianship and protection of water, thanks to our industry-leading range of Q-Series water quality monitors and Smart Water Quality solutions.  Our range of specialist, analytical instrumentation provides no-compromise water quality monitoring in service reservoirs, networks, valves, meter chambers and hydrants, along with waste water and gas monitoring, measuring right through to the end user.   

ATi’s Smart Water Quality range, including the KIWA and WRAS approved MetriNet solutions, creates real-time awareness of water quality throughout the cycle and suggests optimal control mechanisms to ensure the efficient delivery of high-quality water, reducing the risk of compliance violations and customer complaints.  By deploying a neural network of our digital, smart M-Node sensors at critical locations throughout the water distribution system, MetriNet offers water companies continuous, real-time assurances and evidence-based proof that the water is safe.  This approach is providing water companies with high-powered, smart tools to ensure the energy-efficient delivery of high-quality water to communities, in a more environmentally friendly way. 

Future-proofing Water Quality  

Universal access to clean, safe and wholesome drinking water is a basic human right and ATi, Badger Meter and s::can’s pioneering water technology and integrated solutions strive to provide real-time, actionable data for a more sustainable future. 

We are passionate about continuing the development of new and innovative solutions for the whole water cycle process, protecting the world’s most precious resource and providing access to safe and affordable drinking water for all. 

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