Gas Monitoring

ATi offer industry-leading toxic and hazardous gas detection products for over 60 gases and vapours, providing the latest smart, digital technology for fixed, portable and bespoke solutions .


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Class-leading gas monitoring solutions

ATi specialise in a wide range of gas monitoring solutions, continuing to lead the way in the development of reliable, class-leading systems for markets such as healthcare, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, industrial and utilities.

Our expertise in sensor design and manufacture allows us to deliver the highest level of protection for people and processes under the most extreme conditions. 

From portable, hand-held devices to bespoke, smart, multi-gas fixed detection systems, ATi can monitor over 60 different gases, allowing customers to prove efficacy and ensure a safe and healthy environment.

ATi’s gas detectors featuring our pioneering AutoTest module are transforming the industry. This patented design automatically tests itself daily with self-generated gas, making our monitoring range amongst the safest in the world.

Advanced smart sensor technology

Each of ATi’s smart sensor modules is a sensor, amplifier and memory module in one compact package. Sensor modules can be calibrated independently and simply plugged into any of our smart detectors for immediate use. When installed in a gas detector, calibration data is loaded into the microprocessor so that no adjustments are needed. The result is a gas detector that can go from measuring anything from phosgene to ammonia in less than one minute.


ATi is the only manufacturer in the world that offers the pioneering and exclusive AutoTest feature. Fitted to our F12 and D12 gas detection solutions*, the patented design automatically checks itself daily with self-generated gas, allowing for safer and more confident monitoring – far exceeding all health and safety regulations. This unique feature is designed to detect and monitor potentially hazardous toxic and flammable gas leaks, ensuring the safest possible working environment. It provides an early-warning alarm if gas escapes, allowing for timely remedial or protective actions to be undertaken.

*Dependent upon gas sensor specified

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