Get Street Smart with ATi’s MetriNet street-level telemetry bollard


Water quality monitoring has just got even smarter with ATi’s latest innovation, the exclusive smart multi-parameter, street-level telemetry bollard.

The tried and trusted MetriNet technology has been re- developed into a new street-level smart water quality monitoring solution, offering a new way of delivering ultra-low powered, multi-parameter, real-time monitoring for the creation of intelligent, optimised, smarter networks.

Installed at pre-existing hydrants or measuring points, this innovative approach to smart sensor technology features the class-leading M-Node digital water quality sensors and Q52 controller, housed inside a secure, serviceable, flame retardant and vandal resistant telemetry bollard, enabling distributed water quality monitoring without the concerns associated with below ground-level installations. 

This unique system allows water utilities to deliver smart, water quality monitoring of distribution networks the easy way:

  • Requires no planning permission
  • Less hostile environmental conditions, meaning no water ingress, prolonging the life of the monitoring asset
  • Powered by a 12VDC battery or mains
  • Better communication and connectivity to chosen platform, due to street-level application
  • Increased reliability for data communications and availability to support operational decisions
  • Easy and secure access for sensor maintenance
  • User-friendly Q52 MetriNet interface for simple sensor validation
  • Minimises water usage with optional solenoid valve

Analysing water quality data from ATi’s range of 16 smart M-Node sensors enables networks to be managed efficiently and resiliently, proactively safeguarding water quality.  The bespoke, KIWA UK Regulation 4 approved system utilises all the experience and expertise that ATi has earned over three decades of working closely with water utilities around the world. Analysing water quality data from the range of MetriNet smart M-Node sensors enables water utilities to extract deeper, real-time insights to enhance operational efficiencies.  

The digital M-Node sensors within the communications bollard have the same accuracy and reproducibility as ATi’s trusted and proven Q-Series sensors and are complete water quality monitors equivalent to traditional online instruments.  Connected to the water supply using a purpose designed ‘click-connect’ flow cell arrangement, they are connected in series to minimise water usage, running at pressures up to 6 bar. Their ultra low powered nature means they have the ability to run autonomously for up to two years on small batteries, or they can be powered from a local plc or telemetry system.

ATi’s innovative MetriNet smart sensor technology solutions offer a range of bespoke, end-to-end approaches to managing distributed water assets, creating resilient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly water networks, helping to prolong the life of assets and safeguard water for a better, smarter world. 

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