Permanganate (MnO4) is a strong oxidant used in water treatment to control taste, odours, biological growth and to remove colour, manganese and iron.

What is Permanganate?

Permanganate can be used to control the formation of disinfection by-products by oxidising the organic precursors. In industrial waste treatment, it is used for odour control, toxic pollutant destruction, bio-augmentation, and grease removal.

Although it is an effective treatment aid, residual Permanganate is not desirable in treated water and can lead to complaints, therefore dosing needs to be carefully controlled and adjusted to ensure only the correct levels are present and no residual remains.

Permanganate monitoring

Monitoring the concentration of Permanganate in real-time ensures accurate and reliable management of water quality. Concentrations exceeding pre-determined thresholds helps to identify overdosing, allowing dosing to be adjusted accordingly.

Careful control of Permanganate dosing can be achieved with ATi’s real-time Permanganate monitoring solutions, resulting in real-time data, optimisation of dosing, proactive management, timely action, reduction of complaints and regulatory compliance.

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