ATi chlorine monitors deliver £200k saving to water utility

A leading UK water company has announced a complete asset replacement scheme that will save them £200k a year, following the installation of a new residual chlorine monitoring system.

The ground-breaking three-year complete asset replacement scheme to supply and install a new chlorine monitoring and control system will help the company to provide 3.5million people with high quality drinking water, whilst securing vast savings that can be passed on to customers.

The region-wide asset replacement programme will see more than 300 new chlorine monitors installed throughout their area, replacing the inefficient and costly system previously used throughout the company.  Once the roll-out is complete, the water company will see around £200K of OPEX savings per annum.

ATi Q46H Residual Chlorine monitor

Following a 12 month trial of residual chlorine monitors, results established that specialist electrochemical sensor manufacturer Analytical Technology offered the most accurate, efficient, reliable and cost effective system.

It was requested that the new system be free from the use of chemical buffering wherever possible, as acetate and phosphate buffers are expensive and environmentally unfriendly. It is estimated that the cost to the UK water industry of operating these monitors with buffer can exceed £20 million per year, while impacting on environmental, health and safety issues. Buffer delivery systems are also maintenance-intensive and reagents are costly. By minimising the use of reagents, the sites will now achieve huge operating cost savings and reduce their environmental impact.

All of the installations are buffer free, eliminating problems of storing, handling and disposing of 25 litres per month of chemical reagents, proving to be an extremely economical solution.

The criteria for the asset replacement scheme was to focus on reliability, accuracy and cost effectiveness. This is why ATi’s Q46H/62-63 Residual Chlorine monitor was chosen as the preferred analyser. ATi provided its first rate customer service throughout the initial development of the monitor to ensure it best suited customer needs, as well as during the installation process.  The high level of technical support that ATi provides its customers with really differentiates the company from its competitors, with all staff having extensive knowledge of their products.

Christian McTear, ATi’s Technical Manager, said: “ATi has enjoyed a close working relationship with this water company for over 20 years and we have previously installed a variety of monitors, including ozone and gas.

“Results from this latest chlorine trial confirm that Analytical Technology’s chlorine monitors are unrivalled in the market, maintaining our position as one of the leading suppliers of water monitoring systems in the UK.

“This preferred supplier agreement to supply bufferless chlorine monitors now means Analytical Technology provides instrumentation to 95% of all of the UK’s major water companies due, in no small part, to the industry leading high levels of service and experience that ATi offers.

“ATi prides itself on providing award winning customer service, offering first rate support and response times to any customer requirements.  It has been a real pleasure working alongside all the staff at this water company, providing them with a chlorine monitoring system that offers reliability, accuracy and cost effectiveness, ensuring high quality drinking water for their 3.5million customers.”

This is just one example where a water company has done a TOTEX analysis and chosen ATi to replace their complete asset base.  Cost information is confidential to each company, however if any potential customer is looking to do a cost analysis themselves with this in mind, please contact us.  Whilst we are unable to publish specific data in the public domain, we can make information available upon request.

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