Encouraging environmental responsibility

The water industry is currently being driven to increase its focus on environmental protection by improving the effectiveness of its processes, reducing the likelihood of residual chlorine and final effluent polluting water courses.

Last year, around 7% of rivers were polluted because of raw effluent flowing from storm overflows (source Environmental Agency). Raw sewage and chemical discharges directly into rivers remain significant sources of pollution.

As custodians and guardians of the journey that water takes, the water sector needs to make a concerted effort to ensure processes are carried out within the stringent environmental parameters for the sake of environmental protection.

As part of National Pollution Prevention Week, discover how ATi’s smart water and Q-Series water quality solutions are helping to reduce the risk of pollution and encourage environmental responsibility.


Chlorine has been proven to be the simplest and most effective means of disinfecting water, being used for approximately 100 years.  However, chlorine limits are put in place to preserve and protect the environment and ensure that water entering watercourses is kept to a high standard.

With the help of innovative pioneers like ATi, water companies are taking vital steps forward in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the de-chlorination process, working to reduce the likelihood of residual chlorine that may enter rivers during emergency works or weather events.

With liquid solutions being the most accurate way to dechlorinate, ATi utilises the latest in flow proportional dosing equipment and chlorine analysis, while also monitoring post-dosage discharges, to improve de-chlorination processes and reduce the likelihood of environmental impact.

As industry-leaders in water quality monitoring and de-chlorination processes, ATi works closely with clients including Anglian Water to help identify ways to improve monitoring and control technology, providing a more consistent and accurate process whilst ensuring regulation compliance.

“This technology is already helping us to better monitor what we’re putting into our region’s watercourses. We always strive to ensure that we protect the environment at every opportunity and these advances in dosing equipment can help us do just that,” Malc Holmes, Anglian Water’s Restoration Innovation Manager, said.

Through the continuous monitoring of the final discharge, Anglian can also record dissolved oxygen, pH and turbidity levels at environmentally sensitive areas. This enables discharged water to be comprehensively evaluated and audited, improving processes through continual learning and improvement.

ATi’s innovative smart water quality range, including the WRAS approved MetriNet, along with our tried and tested Q-Series water quality monitors, help to monitor what water companies put into their region’s rivers, ensuring environmental protection at every opportunity.

In addition, ATi has also developed technology that allows chlorine analysis to become more portable with our SiteBox smart solution, providing greater flexibility and allowing seamless integration with the water network. Utilising the new plug-and-play technology improves the accuracy of monitoring for the presence of chlorine throughout the entire de-chlorination process.

The results of these proven technologies allows for better awareness and visibility of the dosing process, ensuring that water companies are performing within the required parameters. Through greater control, utilities can drive efficiency and effectiveness in the de-chlorination process.

Final effluent

Industrial and manufacturing plants across the globe are also placing greater emphasis on improving processes to ensure minimum impact on the environment.

Water effluents in the UK are strictly regulated by the Environment Agency via the Pollution Prevention and Control (PPC) regulations and by local authorities through consent to discharge. In order to comply with these regulations, plants operate effluent monitoring systems that can cope with the large amount of fouling that can occur within sensing tanks.

ATi works with leading industrial and manufacturing plants across the globe, supplying a range of solutions for effluent and wastewater monitoring from our Q-Series range.  These solutions provide crucial data, identifying how upstream processes may be improved and ensuring environmental regulations compliance to enhance effluent control.

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