See a clearer picture of your network with NephNet

Following extensive research and listening to our customers’ requirements, ATi UK’s Innovation Hub have re-engineered and developed a superior NephNet portable, online turbidity monitoring solution with optional Bluetooth*, to help customers see a clearer picture of turbidity in the network.

ATi Nephnet Turbidity Product Image
NephNet portable turbidity monitor


The original NephNet revolutionised the water industry when it was first released six years ago, but with our latest advanced NephNet solution, turbidity monitoring just got better.

Our specialist knowledge in the sector of network monitoring allows us to lead the way in portable, online turbidity monitoring and take an already great product and turn it into something genuinely unique.

The new NephNet enclosure never needs to be opened and with the addition of optional Bluetooth*, it will generate live data accessed via the dedicated app*, transmitting it to the web portal for easy access.

ATi’s NephNet portable turbidity monitoring solution

Tried and trusted turbidity sensor technology

Using our existing and proven turbidity sensor means customers will benefit from ATi’s expertise in the water quality sector. Our knowledge in this field is unrivalled, ensuring the ability to generate accurate and reliable data, time after time.


  • NephNet is a remote telemetry unit (RTU), housed in an updated, superior enclosure that:
  • Powers and controls the NephNet turbidity sensor
  • Provides live readings via the BIT (plug in Bluetooth interface) to the mobile phone app
  • Stores turbidity readings

Key features

  • A powerful rechargeable 12V battery* allows continuous powering of the NephNet for high frequency data readings during mains flushing exercises or long term deployment for turbidity investigation programmes.
  • Can be set-up on site using the App, which allows stop-start of unit, live data to be displayed, storage of GPS and descriptive location data, data collection into the app, configuration changes for data reading and upload intervals.
  • Bi-directional communication allows over-the-air firmware updates and configuration changes to be made when the NephNet communicates with the web portal.
  • Alarm thresholds can be set that will trigger an immediate connection to the web portal to upload data & email the alarm details to predefined contacts.

*Dependent upon specified RTU

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