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ATi offers a diverse range of pioneering, industry-leading water quality monitoring solutions, from the latest in digital, Smart Water quality monitoring technology to potable, process and wastewater monitors and transmitters.


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Trusted, reliable and accurate source to tap solutions

ATi are trusted globally to safeguard water quality, delivering monitoring solutions for over 20 different parameters; from the more fundamental parameters of chlorine, turbidity, pH, dissolved oxygen and conductivity, through to more bespoke measurements of nitrite, UV254, sulfites and peracetic acid. The diversity of our reagent-free range also includes solutions for sludge blanket and filter backwash monitoring.

We are committed to the continuous development of new and innovative monitoring solutions, to ensure the guardianship and protection of water. ATi are now the only company able to provide an intelligent and sustainable Source to Tap journey, helping customers with the problems that matter most: water accessibility, environmental sustainability, resilience and return on investment (ROI).

Our varied and flexible solutions provide no-compromise water quality monitoring in distribution networks, service reservoirs, pipes, valves, meter chambers, hydrants, HVAC, healthcare, leisure, food and beverage, along with many more applications.

Interchangeable sensors are used throughout our Q-Series and Smart Water monitoring ranges, offering customers simplicity, range, low-risk and sustainable water quality.

Engineered Solutions

As advocates of collaborative, customer-focused innovation, ATi also delivers bespoke, engineered solutions to suit individual site requirements, including dual and triple validation water quality monitoring and tailored, modular smart water quality systems, with customer specified digital sensors. Working closely with strategic partners means ATi is at the forefront of delivering customer-centric, multi-technology, innovative solutions to meet our customers current and future challenges.

Intelligent, smart water quality monitoring

As global leaders in smart water quality monitoring, ATi developed the industry’s first, ground-breaking range of smart water quality monitors, including MetriNet, SeptiNet, NephNet, ChlorNet and SiteBox.

ATi’s pioneering, intelligent solutions create real-time awareness of water quality throughout the cycle and suggest optimal control mechanisms to ensure the efficient delivery of high-quality water.

Our bespoke, smart sensor technology offers sustainable, resilient, data rich-knowledge smart, holistic solutions extract deeper insights and enhance operational efficiencies, helping to drive down complaints, improve regulatory compliance and result in pro-active management to safeguard water quality.

Q for Quality

ATi’s Q-Series range offers industry leading monitoring solutions for over 20 parameters, trusted for the most demanding of clean and wastewater applications.

The accuracy and reduced maintenance of our specialist, flexible and cost-effective electrochemical sensors is one of the many reasons that ATi are framework suppliers to some of the biggest water companies, well known businesses and OEM’s worldwide.

Our reagent-free water quality monitoring range offers a no-compromise approach to measurement and the environment, from rivers, water treatment, potable distribution, process and waste water treatment, helps to drive down complaints, improve compliance ratings and reduce costs, providing cost-effective solutions.

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