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ATi is a leading provider and innovator of engineered, analytical sensor monitoring solutions and data insights for water and gas applications, driving the sustainable use of the world’s most precious resources.

Trusted globally within the utilities, food & drink, industrial, petrochemical, healthcare, HVAC and leisure sectors, ATi pioneers the development and deployment of bespoke, industry-leading products and solutions, delivering first-class customer support. ATi’s expertise in sensor design and manufacture allows our customer-focused solutions to always remain at the heart of our business.

From our pioneering, smart network water quality monitoring range, to our exclusive AutoTest gas sensor verification system, we provide monitoring solutions that utilize the latest technology to ensure extensive functionality with unparalleled reliability, accuracy and sustainability. Quality product design, 30 years of sensor development and manufacturing experience and knowledgeable application support are an integral part of the services we offer.

Our flexible range of industry-leading Smart Water quality and Q-Series solutions deliver real-time, continuous monitoring for all water quality applications. Our versatile monitoring product range ensures optimal control, enhanced operational efficiencies and improved compliance, providing sustainable solutions for pro-active water management to safeguard water quality. Our fully integrated, end-to-end smart water solutions provide actionable data and analytics from a connected network of instruments, sensors and devices, empowering users to resourcefully use and conserve water. Utilities leverage our highly reliable, infrastructure-free cellular network offerings to make their data communication more efficient, scalable and secure.

ATi also specialize in toxic and hazardous gas detection products for over 60 gases and vapors, providing the latest smart, digital technology. We are one of only a handful of specialist gas sensor manufacturers globally that makes accurate and dedicated H202 and PAA sensors that can be used to protect staff and ensure compliance.

Being part of the Badger Meter group, along with s::can GmbH, also enables us to offer an extended portfolio of globally renowned smart water quality and flow measurement instrumentation, providing our valued customers with a wider-range of enhanced products and solutions, increased knowledge and expanded resources. These innovative and trusted offerings have been used over the last century to enhance operational efficiency and conserve water, making it more affordable, clean and resilient.

Industries and applications

Potable Water
Process Water
Food and Beverage
Healthcare & Pharmaceutical
Odor Control

Our Culture

ATi is a values-based company, committed to ethical corporate social responsibility and sustainability.

We are passionate about integrity and further reducing our impact on the environment, whilst also focusing on staff welfare and supporting local communities.

Our sustainable operational practices and dedicated workforce work tirelessly to help develop and deliver innovative, customer focused solutions.

Our locations

With headquarters in Pennsylvania (North America) and Manchester (England), along with our Badger Meter and s::can GmbH partner offices strategically located in various countries, ATi has grown to become a leading provider to some of the world’s largest companies.

By working closely with our dense network of partners and distributors across the globe, including the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific regions, our specialist and dedicated teams take pride in providing class-leading customer focused solutions and support. 

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