Sludge Blanket

Sludge Blankets play an integral role in the wastewater treatment process and is the interface between sludge that has settled on the bottom of the tank and the water above it.

What is Sludge Blanket?

Sludge Blankets are high-quality reactors created to remove organic matter from our water to create clean drinking water from its clarifier tank.  The existence of optimum Sludge Blanket levels is essential to the continuity of the clarifying process.

Measuring and managing the depth of sludge blanket is one of the most critical challenges in the production of good-quality effluent from wastewater treatment plants.

Sludge Blanket monitoring

The continuous measurement of sludge levels in both primary and secondary sedimentation tanks allows sludge extraction pumps to be used efficiently, whilst ensuring poorly settled sludge does not carry over into effluent paths.

ATi’s cutting-edge solutions for measuring and monitoring Sludge Blanket provide optimum efficiency and flexibility through smart, ultrasonic and continuous, real-time measurement. By measuring sludge levels, operators can study sedimentation characteristics of suspended solids in the plant, understand sensitivities due to disturbances and manage sludge levels to allow sufficient buffering for incoming hydraulic load variations.

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