Fluoride is used in the production and treatment of both drinking and industrial waste water, often added to water systems to help reduce dental cavities.

What is Fluoride?

In surface waters, Fluoride occurs naturally from the weathering of rocks and soils containing Fluoride compounds, while in groundwater it occurs from the leaching of bedrocks with fluoride content.

However, the Fluoride in tap water is often added to the water supply in a process called fluoridation. This is usually done in areas across the world where there is a low concentration of fluoride present in drinking water. Fluoride is widely added to drinking water systems to help prevent tooth decay. 

Fluoride monitoring

Water quality monitoring of final Fluoride concentrations is required to maintain regulatory requirements, providing alerts in the event of exceeding limits.  Monitoring the level of Fluoridation in drinking water, along with the success of the removal process in wastewater, is essential to ensure compliance.  In some countries, Fluoride is monitored when added to potable water or during the treatment of industrial waste water.

ATi’s accurate, reliable and continuous monitoring solutions for Fluoride offer essential measurement to avoid discolouration of teeth and fluorosis, helping to reduce compliance costs  and providing alarms in the case of overfeed problems.

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