Nitrite is naturally occurring compound that contains both nitrogen and oxygen.

What is Nitrite?

Nitrite is a nutrient, a vital source of nitrogen for plants and the complex organisms that consume them. Composed of both oxygen and nitrogen, the nitrate ion occurs naturally in soil but is not usually found in surface waters.

Nitrites are often used as corrosion inhibitors in industrial process water and cooling towers and the food industry uses nitrite compounds as preservatives. Excess levels of nitrates in water can create conditions that make it difficult for aquatic insects or fish to survive.

Nitrite monitoring

When concentrations are adequately monitored and maintained, nitrite plays an important role in industrial and municipal water-quality monitoring programs. However, excessive nitrite concentrations can negatively affect water quality, reducing the effectiveness of the chlorine disinfection process and poses health risks, therefore continuous measurement and control is essential.

ATi offers the latest cutting edge, analytical sensor technology to provide intelligent, reliable, accurate and durable Nitrite measurement solutions.

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