Q46C 2E Conductivity Monitor

ATi’s Q46C2 2E Conductivity Monitor provides the reliable and accurate low-level water quality measurements required for such high purity water systems.

Continuous water quality monitoring of conductivity

Low-level Conductivity measurements are essential for a variety of water quality monitoring. The proper operation of deionizers, reverse osmosis membranes, ion exchange systems, and heat exchangers require constant monitoring to ensure high quality production.

ATi’s Q46C2 2E Conductivity monitor provides large, easy-to-read LCD displays with a second display line for indication of temperature or other operational information. And for those applications where results in resistivity units are preferred, Q46C2 monitors can be programmed to display readings in Meg-ohm units instead of microSiemens.

Q46C2 conductivity monitors can also be configured to measure and display the concentration of chemicals used in various process applications. For applications where there are several chemicals dissolved in solution, the Q46C2 monitor can be configured to measure and display the concentration of total dissolved solids (TDS). Temperature compensation can either be made by custom compensation table or a single linear compensation factor.

Features & specification

  • Adaptable – Available in a Concentration version for direct display of chemical concentrations and for Total Dissolved Solids.
  • Customized Response with a user configurable table for a custom concentration curve.
  • Analog Output Options
  • Additional Outputs – Expansion board to add a third 4-20 mA analog output
  • AC or DC Power Options
  • PID Output – Standard PID control function assignable to one analog output.
  • Digital Communications options for Profibus-DP, Modbus-RTU, or Ethernet-IP
  • Three SPDT relays are standard, with relay functions programmable for alarm, control, or trouble indication. Three additional low power relays available as an option.
  • Flexible Mounting Large, clear Display


  • Low-level conductivity measurements are essential for monitoring a variety of high purity water systems
  • Operation of deionizers, reverse osmosis membranes, ion exchange systems and heat exchangers
  • Low-level measurements for high purity water systems

Key benefits

  • Reliable and accurate low-level conductivity measurement
  • Trace contamination detection
  • Programmable to display reading in Meg-ohm instead of microSiemens



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