ATi’s expertise in digital and smart wastewater monitoring safeguards water quality, increases performance, maintains assets and protects the environment. Our range of gas detection instruments also monitor the presence of toxic and hazardous gases in wastewater treatment plants.

Improved process control with sustained compliance

ATi’s tried, trusted and industry-leading range of water quality monitors offer accurate and reliable solutions for a range of wastewater applications. From post consumer, plant influent, industrial wastewater and sewer monitoring all the way through to the effluent channel, our expertise in digital and smart wastewater monitoring aims to safeguard water quality, improve process efficiency, control chemical addition, document effluent compliance and protect the environment.

Our continuous, reliable and proactive monitoring systems offer improved performance and efficiency, process optimization, early event detection, compliance assurance, resilience, environmental sustainability and pollution control and prevention.

When it comes to toxic gases, wastewater plants frequently present a variety of potential hazards to personnel.   ATi also offers a variety of gas detection instruments to monitor toxic and hazardous gases present in wastewater treatment plants, including H2S, methane, CO, Cl2, NH3, and oxygen deficiency, ensuring efficiency and the safety of staff.

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