SiteBox is a fully independent portable monitoring, control and policing system that can be used in many applications from drinking water treatment to process water in food industry, housed in a carry-on luggage sized box.

Portable monitoring, control and policing system

ATi’s innovative SiteBox is a pioneering breakthrough in water quality control, offering a brand-new approach to water quality monitoring systems.

SiteBox is a fully independent portable monitoring, control and policing system that can be used in many applications from drinking water treatment (raw, treated and final water) to process water in food industry, or as an off-the-shelf water quality system ready for immediate deployment, all housed in a carry-on luggage sized box. Its modular nature enables users to order a bespoke monitoring system that fits individual site requirements. This is in stark contrast to the size and complexity of traditional panel mounted solutions.

SiteBox can be used on its own as the input to a control system, or alternatively as an independent monitoring system that polices existing water quality monitors.

Delivery to start up in minutes

SiteBox is quick to install, with delivery to start up in minutes and receiving live data within half an hour. The system also has a tiny footprint, low water usage and can also be configured for dual validation, triple validation and multi-stream, with up to eight sensors and 16 parameters to choose from.

Offering a sustainable solution to water quality monitoring, SiteBox will ultimately help drive down complaints, increase SIM scores and result in safeguarding water quality for customer use.

Regional availability.

Features & specifications

  • Fast, low cost, fully portable water quality policing system
  • Policing system that offers and independent final check
  • Modular system designed to suit individual site needs
  • Ability to measure anywhere, can foresee potential issues and advises early, which avoids complaints and allows mitigating action
  • Zero and span data stored internally so calibration can be done anywhere
  • Internal clock records total run time on the sensor
  • Calibration timer alerts users when calibration is due
  • Two alarm set points are available
  • Sensor diagnostics report problems in clear message form
  • 16-character user defined ‘Tag’ name
  • Ultra-low powered M-Nodes
  • Years of run-time on batteries
  • Various option of power supply from 12 Vdc to 230Vac
  • Sample flow rate with alarm switch
  • Pressure and flow controlled internally
  • RS485 modbus output of parameters and diagnostics
  • Installed and generating data within 30 minutes, reducing costly onsite time


SiteBox is available for a wide range of applications including:

  • Service reservoir inspections and cleaning
  • Final water verification
  • Water treatment and resilience planning
  • Investigatory work
  • Hospitals and healthcare
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Events, conferences and festivals
  • Food and beverage processing operations

Key benefits

  • Fully independent, portable, smart monitoring, control and policing system
  • Modular solution for monitoring water quality and collecting data
  • Delivery to start up in minutes & receiving live data within an hour
  • Ultra-low, battery powered smart, digital, M-Node sensors
  • Measures multiple parameters



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