pH is the value used to measure the acidity and alkalinity of water, with a range between 0 (strong acid) and 14 (strong alkali), with 7 being neutral.

What is pH?

The pH of water provides critical information for controlling the drinking water or wastewater treatment process. Even the smallest changes in pH can influence the health of water systems and the effectiveness of chemical dosing.  

A very high or very low pH can make water unusable for certain applications. pH values can vary as it passes through a network, hence the need for continuous, accurate and reliable monitoring.

Hard water contains a lot of minerals. It is these minerals that make the water very alkaline and over time this will lead to mineral build-up. Alternatively, water with a low pH may corrode metal pipes and extract metal ions into the water, making it harmful to drink or use in the home.

pH monitoring

Although commonly associated with the water treatment industry, pH measurement also plays a vital role across a vast range of other industries, including the food & beverage, textiles, agriculture, pulp & paper manufacturing. 

Monitoring and control of pH is crucial to water treatment and ATi’s solutions represent our latest generation of monitoring and control systems, providing the durability, accuracy and versatility required for pH monitoring or control applications. 

Our customers rely on our proven monitors to measure pH in raw water, process water and final water systems.

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