Toxicity monitoring with AutoTest for Chlorine gas

Intelligent gas detectors play a vital safety role in areas where staff are routinely present, offering protection from harmful levels of toxic gases. 

With high levels of chlorine used as one of the most common forms of disinfection, gas detectors are routinely used to monitor ambient air in order to provide an early warning of the presence of toxic gases.

As harmful gases, such as chlorine, are heavier than air, their presence may not always be immediately obvious to staff entering an enclosed space, posing a serious health and safety risk.

One of our valued customers, who uses chlorine gas for disinfection, recently required an updated and improved detection system to measure for background levels of this harmful gas to ensure efficacy and staff safety. The F12/D toxic gas detector, featuring a built-in traffic light system, was installed to provide real-time data, along with visual and audible alarms to indicate when specific levels of gases have been reached. The alarm system is triggered when the chlorine level hits a high (amber) or high high (red) set point.

ATi F12D Chlorine gas detectors with AutoTest

The sensor was placed within the dosing room and the display and strobe outside to prevent staff from entering until it was safe. By combining this warning system with ATi’s pioneering AutoTest feature, which tests and verifies itself daily with self-generated target gas rather than a surrogate, health and safety managers can be certain that the sensors work and the environment is safe. This allows for reliable monitoring without expensive third party call-outs to test and verify gas sensors.

The unique AutoTest self-check system provides reliable response checks to ensure system integrity for a range of toxic gases, which is ideal for industries such as leisure, food and beverage, industrial, agriculture and aquaculture.

For many workers, the smell of gases have become part and parcel of their working environment, not knowing if the levels being inhaled for hours at a time is a major health concern for both employer and employee. Gases such as chlorine can very quickly become debilitating, critically effecting breathing and vision in a matter of seconds. However, the versatility of ATi’s gas detection range provides gold standard systems that are simple to install, operate and maintain, offering peace of mind.

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