Turbidity is the measurement of optical clarity of water and is defined as the amount of light scattered from particles in solution.

What is Turbidity?

Turbidity is the measurement of water clarity. Suspended sediments, such as particles of clay, soil and silt, frequently enter the water from disturbed sites and affect water quality. Suspended sediments can contain pollutants, such as phosphorus, pesticides, or heavy metals. Suspended particles cut down on the depth of light penetration through the water, hence they increase the cloudiness and murkiness of the water, or change it’s colour.

Turbidity monitoring

Turbidity is a critical parameter for drinking water and is one of the most important tests done by water companies across the globe. Turbidity monitoring is used to measure drinking water quality and changes in appearance can be caused by a variety of factors.  The presence of turbidity can indicate that filters are not working correctly, that there is a problem with the water, ineffective disinfection, the need for network pipes to be flushed or poor coagulation and flocculation.

ATi’s range of Turbidity water quality monitoring solutions are designed to meet the needs of drinking water systems and industrial water treatment for accurate, reliable, flexible, low-range turbidity measurement.

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