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ATi’s range of innovative gas detection and water quality monitoring solutions validate sterilisation cleaning processes, prove efficacy, monitor residual gas levels, provide an audit trail to help to keep staff safe, maintains clean, safe & reliable water supply into hospitals.

Proof of safety, efficacy, validation & audit trails

As a global supplier to the healthcare and pharmaceutical, ATi’s range of innovative gas detection and water quality monitoring solutions are trusted across the world. Our expertise in sensor design and manufacture allows us to deliver the highest level of protection for people and processes under the most extreme conditions. 

Our specialist manufactured, PharmaSafe range of gas monitors validate sterilisation processes, proves efficacy, monitors residual gas levels, provides an audit trail and protect employees from ambient gas hazards. In decontamination applications, these systems also allows for protection against over-gassing, unauthorised access and control of dosing times and venting. Using pre-calibrated, interchangeable sensors, our gas monitors feature a built-in data logger for historical data capture, which can be used to prove or disprove claims of exposure.

ATi are also the only manufacturer in the world that offers our own pioneering AutoTest feature, designed to automatically verify that gas sensors are operational without manual testing. With the ability to be specified to a large range of our gas detection solutions, the patented design automatically checks itself daily with self-generated gas, allowing for safer and more dependable monitoring – far exceeding all health and safety regulations. It provides an early-warning alarm if gas escapes, allowing for timely remedial or protective actions to be undertaken. AutoTest allows ATi’s gas monitors to be regarded as amongst some of the safest monitors in the world.

ATi also supports hospitals with monitoring chlorine levels during renal dialysis, along with maintaining the clean, safe and reliable water supply into hospitals through our pioneering range of Smart Water Quality and Q-Series monitors.

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