Chlorine (Cl2) is a toxic gas commonly used in disinfection and sterilisation due to its high reactivity as an oxidising agent.

What is Chlorine Gas?

Chlorine is a strong oxidiser used for disinfection in a variety of industries including healthcare, drinking water, leisure, sewage treatment plants and food and beverage.

Whilst it remains one of the most common forms of disinfection to prevent the spread of disease, Chlorine gas poses health and safety risks as it reacts with flammable materials and also attacks the respiratory system, eyes and skin. Due to it being denser than air, Chlorine gas can accumulate at the bottom of poorly ventilated spaces, so monitoring the air we breathe is vital.   

Chlorine gas monitoring

Monitoring background levels of Chlorine gas in the workplace is not easy, however ATi are one of the only gas sensor manufacturers in the world that can make an accurate sensor to protect staff. Cl2 is released into the air during the decontamination process, stays close to the ground and spreads rapidly, therefore careful monitoring to detect and protect is vital as part of Quality Controls Programmes.

ATi’s flexible range of fixed and portable toxic gas detection solutions help any industry to optimise places of work, protect air quality and safeguard health and safety.

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