Removing the Risk of Corrosion in HVAC Systems with Water Quality Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of water quality within HVAC systems plays a vital role in ensuring the long-term health and longevity of building networks, avoiding costly repairs, replacement or downtime. 

Fluctuations in Pressure, pH and Conductivity could indicate a leak or burst, or alternatively can suggest an issue with the chemistry of the water, where the additives added to kill bugs and germs have become compromised.  Monitoring safe levels of Dissolved Oxygen also helps to maintain system health and prevents corrosion.

Even small changes in these water quality parameters can, over time, lead to the deterioration of the HVAC system which, if left unidentified, will require large scale repair or replacement.  Proactively identifying changes at an early stage helps to remove the risk of corrosion, while also potentially avoiding health issues such as outbreaks of legionella.

ATi’s unique HVAC MetriNet is the only monitoring instrument that can detect these subtle changes ahead of time, therefore preventing long-term and costly damage. Flexibility is key with this class-leading system, with its modular nature allowing unique monitoring solutions tailored for individual site requirements.  At the heart of ATi’s MetriNet solutions are the industry-leading digital M-Node sensors that are connected to the water supply using a purpose designed ‘click-connect’ flow cell arrangement. 

Through the provision of live, continuous data, ATi’s HVAC MetriNet provides a constant health-check and is key to protecting the lifespan of the HVAC system and the future of the building. Utilising the MetriNet alongside Badger Meter’s inline electromagnetic and ultrasonic technology, along with non-invasive fixed and portable clamp-on ultrasonic flow and energy meters, helps to create energy efficient HVAC solutions in mechanical building services, new build, retrofit HVAC plant and district heating-cooling networks.

Discover more about some of ATi’s HVAC MetriNet installations and how the ultra-low powered, smart digital sensor technology offers sustainable solutions, delivering proactive management to safeguard water quality and system optimisation in a variety of different applications.

Hot Water Systems

This two-parameter MetriNet solution was installed on a hot water system to measure Conductivity and Dissolved Oxygen on a hot water loop, where a temperature reading was also provided without the need for an additional sensor. Installing a cooling block to cool the water sample prior to it reaching sensors ensured that the temperature was within the correct measurement range. This installation utilises the Q52 MetriNet Controller with a 3G modem to store and send the data to a cloud-based platform or server of choice.

Cold Water Systems

Installed to monitor water quality on a cold-water loop, no cooling block was required as the water sample fell within the required range for the sensors.  This three-parameter system measures pH, Conductivity and Dissolved Oxygen, with a temperature reading provided as part of the solution. Utilising the Q52 MetriNet Controller and 3G modem, data is tracked and recorded to monitor the health of the HVAC system within the building.

Cool Water Systems

Installed to monitor the water quality on a cooling tower, this particular installation sees the use of the Q51 portable controller / M-Node calibrator that stores all of the data gathered, which can then be downloaded to a laptop via a cable.

A Q46 Monitor has also been added for the measurement and control of Dissolved Ozone, as Ozone is added as a biocide to act as a disinfectant in the water to prevent legionella. The Q46 is used to monitor the levels of Ozone to ensure that they remain at pre-set levels – any drop in the biocide could cause significant risk to public health.  It is also possible to measure Dissolved Ozone using the MetriNet by adding an additional M-Node sensor, however, in this instance the customer already had the Q46 installed so this was not required.

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