Water quality and gas monitoring in global oceanariums

Accurately monitoring and controlling both water quality and ozone gas detection is vital as part of the long-term operation of high-end, multi-million-dollar public aquariums and oceanariums across the globe.

In order to deliver these large-scale aquarium projects, the design and integration of monitoring instrumentation is crucial to the aquatic life support system and operator health and safety. As part of this process, ATi’s class-leading solutions have been successfully integrated into projects by leading aquarium and oceanarium specialists, ELSS Group, over the last 14 years. 

As global leaders, ELSS demand the most accurate and reliable monitoring instrumentation to maintain water quality parameters such as pH and ORP.  These parameters are carefully monitored to maintain optimum water quality and living conditions within the aquarium habitat.

Within these types of applications, ozone gas is also injected into the water as part of the aquatic life support system disinfection processes.  ATi’s F12 detector can also be used alongside the Q-Series water quality monitors to detect ozone gas within the plant rooms, whether from a gas leak or ineffective off-gas destruction, generating an alarm and/or a signal to shut down the Ozone generator when the pre-set concentrations are exceeded. 

Discover more about one of the most recent projects ATi worked in partnership with ELSS on to deliver a world-class attraction in the Middle East, utilising our class-leading water quality solutions.

The Bahrain Aquarium

The Bahrain Aquarium is a 17-meter-tall Cylinder Aquarium located in the Mall of Dilmunia shopping mall in Manama, Bahrain, home to hundreds of different species of sea life including sharks, stingrays and tropical fish.

Aquarium life support is a crucial element of any large-scale oceanarium and aquarium, employing an automation and control system that is often referred to as the ‘heartbeat’. This vital, integrated system requires the most reliable, accurate and resilient sensors to control and monitor critical parameters such as:

  • Optimal Temperature for the aquatic species that inhabit the Aquarium
  • Salinity and pH Levels
  • Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) levels within the Aquarium
  • Status of critical equipment
  • Alarm notifications 

Aquarium water quality monitoring and gas detection

The Owners of Bahrain Aquarium had three main goals for the LSS and Automated Control System:

  1. Provide living conditions that replicate or closely match the aquatic animals’ natural habitat.
  2. Minimise operating costs.
  3. Increase efficiency whilst providing an information database that would not only help staff monitor and control conditions, but also provide invaluable information for research.

ATi’s Q45R ORP monitoring unit and the Q46p pH and temperature instrumentation form part of the overall Aquarium Life support System, known as the LSS.  These then interface with the Automation and Control System (ACS) via a series of 4-20mA outputs, which allows the water quality to be monitored and controlled to ensure optimum living conditions for the marine life.

By integrating ATi’s class-leading water quality instrumentation into the design and construction of the aquarium, the Q45p/R and Q46p/R  pH & ORP water quality transmitters and monitors, ELSS were able to provide living conditions that replicate the aquatic animals’ natural habitat. With capabilities to alert operators via alarms if parameters exceed pre-set thresholds, ATi’s specialist sensor technology helps the Bahrain Aquarium to minimise operating costs, increase efficiency and provide an information database that not only helps staff monitor and control conditions, but also provides invaluable information for research.

Information and the correct usage of data from the ATi water quality and gas detection monitors is crucial in helping to provide a safe, stable and appropriate habitat for aquatic animals within the Bahrain Aquarium. With millions invested into creating these high-end aquariums and life expectancy spanning into decades, the aquarium is a permanent and long-term home for the aquatic animals, therefore investment in the efficiency, optimisation and maintenance is vital.

Data Insights

ATi’s class-leading water quality and gas detection monitors help the Bahrain Aquarium identify irregularities and erroneous data in water quality data, facilitates assessment of monitor performance, offers real-time sensor functionality check and provides a dataset suitable for further analysis.

The ability to monitor hundreds of data points that provide real-time, continuous water quality and ozone gas data enables operators and marine biologists to understand and adjust the conditions of the aquarium for optimum animal living conditions, safeguarding the lives of aquatic animals and staff.

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